Monday, May 14, 2012

Bosch plug failure mystery in BMW r12

 1940 BMW R12
 2000 BMW R1200

I had used new Bosch plugs in Nissans  w ZERO success, they just would not run right 4 me, so went back to the Japanese brands, Unusual experience  when a Bosch plug failed in the 1940 R12, using a Bosch SUPER RO 288 gapped at 559mm or .022, and 1 plug worked the other over time failed,, both cleaned , i swapped it for both plug wires n it was 100% the plug... i just assumed it was Made in Germany like all the other highest quality Bosch components i use.  not to knock Brazil but ,, this one was made there n u can see w the close-ups the other id numbers on it. so i swapped it for a NGK outa my Chief n of course the NGK B7HS worked great, i've been reccomended to use NGK B6HS and NGK B7HS ,,so if u need plugs use this series. not that i'm an expert , but it works 4 me...
 I posted the 1940 and the 2000 BMWs ,, amazing 60 some odd years and vast improvements..

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