Monday, December 27, 2010

1955 Porsche progress

moth eaten rear panels after flares were carved off,
replacement quarter panels
swapped out the junked steering wheel for a knockoff banjo style. fits and functions great.Life support added where the huge Blaupunkt was long ago removed. far from done but runs every day.
1955 and earlier dash .plenty of work left.
original seats were too far gone to service, got these race car seats in a trade,they work for now.added neck support and safety not offered by the original shoulder height Porsche seats. Wonder how many folks got broken necks from those shoulder height seats?

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Charlie101 said...

I know most wouldnt change or alter their seats for any reason, but with those head high seats there is a real risk of getting neck wiplash injury because the backrest recoil violantly in a case of accident. The neck muscle ligaments become stretched so does nerves and the injury is cronical or at best very difficult to heal. Worst is seats with fixed backrests and/or those with too stiff neckrest constructions. A solution would be to construct either a soft (weak)point at the headrest or a friction give at the backrest adjustment mechanism. I dont have all the answers and solution depends on so many variations but I was saved by a seat backrest that broke and my copilot and friend I was racing with is crippled with a severe wiplash injury.