Saturday, October 09, 2010

1929 Indian 101 runs

Broken bakelite splittdorf magneto part will work w aluminum foil till i get a replacement.
M18 Linkert works while the Schebler DLX64 is out of commission.
later 1930s era oil pump, recirculating after its plumbed to tank.
Far from riding but it fired up today, w a squirt of fuel and just enough oil to not grenade.
the fun never ends

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Charlie101 said...

Hi!Im trying to see, and like to know what version of or year model handlebars you have on the bike. Can you say if the handlebars have a in cast tab for the running light or is it sawed off? A 1930 bar havent got the central mount, but dual stays and if it is that
-30 version, a bit taller and welded in accessory bar, is much more rare than the -31 version when it became standard.