Sunday, September 19, 2010

WW1 Unterseeboot U-35 old BUFA fotos

The above foto is not part of the foto group below, 3 WW1 U-boots surrender is all thats on the back. All the ww1 uboats r at the bottom or scrapped . You can see the cable,net cutters at the front. Just a neat old foto from another desperate time in history.

Off the coast of Dalmatia.

Stumbled on this grouping of ww1 U-35 Fotos.they are from 1914 era, on all the backs are this style description, not sure if they are press fotos or sailors souvenir fotos. Not motorcycle related but pretty kool to see. U35 is at the bottom of the ocean somewhere.
UPDATE after posting this a fellow in Sweden wrote me to tell me about the silent film made about this unterseeboot. look here

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