Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1949 BMW R35

my little Rat BMW R35, ..worst part of working on this was the nonstop blood loss at the pushrod tube covers , the only way i could stop it was using the rubber "hose" gasket at the top and bottom of the covers where they interface w the head and engine, secured w o ring clamps. until i can figure out what BMW did originally to stop the leaks. Is it EMW or BMW? the headstock data plate says BMW, the rear wheel is off of a later mystery BMW, but it works. Needs a shift gate and a better seat . its a mixed breed bastard but its fun, always runs, hasnt left me stranded yet. You can get some parts in USA but , Ebay Germany is best and least expensive..

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Gobi said...

Visit for information, its a german site, but you will get answers in the "Forum"