Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unknown ww2 bikes and NSU

Whats this unknown ww2 bike above ? NSU? DKW?

Try to identify this unusual ww2 bike, the bike below looks like a NSU.

Keep sending me fotos...

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kostas said...

Hello.Where do you find these pictures?The first bike with the sidecar looks really odd. O.K. it is a boxer twin,a side valve,maybe the expected wartime BMW or Zundapp but the frame looks like it is from some other bike,with really skiny girders that seem out of proportion to the huge engine,and what about the reinforcing tubes attached to the outside of the footrest?It doesn't even look like a military issue bike with this number plate and(possibly)chrome plated gas tank.Maybe build from spares?
The second picture is(almost positevely)a BSA M20.Maybe captured by the germans?