Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1937 Indian Sport Scout 100% correct

Just my observation but did the Indian front fender "moniker" evolve to the front fender lighted lamp? in the later Chiefs.

Can't miss Indian on the sidestand, footboard rubber, primary, carb cover and gastank!and battery box...
Evolution of the Indian motorcycle oil pump.

Coil under gas tank.

Flawless, perfect genuine 1937 Indian Sport Scout motorcycle restored by a Florida Indian rider.


C. Dolan said...

Ebay scammer used these pictures, today, attempting to sell on Ebay for $ 13,000 ( Less than half of what bike is worth.___Ebay pulled ad. ___Today is July 21, 2010

blueskybuilders said...

I contacted the seller through Ebay, asking about the bike. Here was his response via email :

Thank you for your interest in purchasing my bike. I can let you know that the bike has a clean title, is perfect mechanically and esthetically, no damage, scratches or dents, no hidden defects, no accidents of any kind, never laid down or raced, and it runs perfect. This bike has 200 miles and is almost new. The Indian is now in London, UK with me and I will ship it form here. It is crated as I received it when I've moved here 1 moth ago, because I found a better job. I've tried to register it here but it was hard for me to make it street legal because I'll have to pay around $3000 US, money that I cannot afford right now, because I want to buy a house, so I've decided to sell it. The total price that you'll have to pay for this bike is $13,000.00 US, price that includes all shipping taxes and insurance. All of my transactions until now were made under eBay's protection, and for that I wish that we make this deal also with eBay's protection. If you agree with moving forward with the deal through eBay please email me your full name and shipping address. As soon as I receive these information from you I will forward them to eBay along with the rest of the details in order for them to open a case regarding our deal. I am waiting for email as soon as possible.
Jerry Wagner

You know the old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is."

Saravanan.A said...

You know why this bike has three filler caps? I am kind of curious about it.