Saturday, July 11, 2009

Unterseeboot U-boat postcards ,fotos

U-995 at Kiel. One of four remaining WW2 U-boats left in the world, U-534 now in UKs Birkenhead, U-505 in Chicago, and CV 707 in Suomenlina, Helsinki Harbour Island in Finland. More info here...

Refueling, supply U-boats x 4.

Another group of u-boat fotos, This colored card was the cover of a WW1 game for children. Note the ww1 Iron cross flag

Below, effective allied bombing on U-boat dry dock.

Here one can see the narrow deck and the loading of torpedoes as an officer looks on.

Amazing to think all these submarines and their crews are at the bottom of the ocean.

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Anonymous said...

With regards to your statement about the remaining WW2 submarines: there is also U2540 in Bremerhaven: U2540 ("Wilhelm Bauer")