Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WWII BMW R35 valve adjustment,kicker gear replaced

Foto of BMW R4 , very similiar to R35, R4 has leafspring forks similiar to Indian motorbikes
Right side shifter on R4.

Foto above of nut i overtorqued renderering the rear wheel frozen, wont be making that mistake again.
After some 60 years of service ,everything wears out, After the valve service, new valves , pistons, bore, valve adjustment,,, the kicker gear wore out and stuck., no movement.

New kicker cover w new kicker gear, could have just swapped gears but i got the whole assembly.

BMW R35 after tear down.

kicker gear on trans is excellent.

Kicker gear shredded after million starts,this locked up the kicker so no movement.

I got this Bing carb, i have never ever seen another one for sale, best little carb i have ever used.
new Made in Germany gas shutoff also. Why if you were an engineer would you put a gas shutoff directly above a battery? Nothing like putting out a motorcycle fire w a Pepsi.

BMW R35 350cc cylinder, remove the top half of engine lid and gas tank to service valves.
You could just remove that front 2 bolt window, but its just easier to pull the top lid and tank and do it right.

Here you can see the tops of the pushrod tubes, you can almost check valve clearance like in a Knuckle or Pan, roll the pushrod tubes in the relaxed state,not alot of play , just enough to roll the rod in your fingers.

Valves and rockers w lid and gas tank off.

At one oclock in the foto, feeler gauge at valve, loosen nut w ratchet, adjust pushrod tube nut w wrench to correct valve setting, tighten rocker top nut w ratchet. Roll pushrod tubes w your fingers, doesnt get much easier than that, Idiot proof.......


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hjalle23 said...

I have a BMW R35 -1950 350cc and was about to check the valve clearance but I don't know what the clearance should be. Do you know the right tolerance for this typ of engine?