Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More antique motorcycle fotos 1915 hd ,101s

The above foto goes w the group on the bottom but blogger doesnt have an option to move it.
the guy i got the 1915 above from used it as some sort of generator, ....

Heres the 1928-29 101 w 1940 square base sport scout barrels, heads & chief mag, red powder coat, great machine. Loud & fast, some folks just didnt share my enthusiasm. Who cares? i guess they got old. Life is for the living.

Florida "Wall of Death" bike, maybe a 1927 front end, no front brake assembly. awesome fun bike. i've had them all & 101s are my favorites, very easy to maintain & service, quick, dependable.inexpensive to buy or piece together.

Some of my fleet.

Antique foto i found on the net, i had one of these early 1911 -12 belt frames.

a 1914, first yr for footboards & 2 speed shifter on the tank top vs side.The 2 speed rear wheel transmision w clutch , these are extremely rare & in 1915 Hd ditched the hard to machine rear transmission, clutch hubs & went to true pedal thru & kick start transmisions. Motoryzed bicycles evolved to motorcycles.

No footboards so its got to be a 1913 or maybe a 1912 chain drive single speed. Elegant old bikes!

Beloved Koko & 1915Hd

Heres where i started the 1915 HD , chopped up frame, engine & tanks, No they are not grey.

maybe military use olive drab.

I'd like to build another 1914 0r 1912-13 twin. Engines survived, but chasis were recycled for 2 world wars so the steel & iron vanished. I found this thru a $15 /month Hemmings Motor News ad! from Springfield Massechusetts...Indian country!

As a little kid i was always building model planes & tanks ,trains & go carts etc. Just couldnt get away from old bikes & cars.

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