Saturday, March 24, 2007

phils 1955 porsche bent window coupe

Heres the 1955 coupe, story is the fellows dad in So Cal raced it & blew up the engine , so now the hunts on for a engine,it sat around for some +20 years in the desert in Cal, heres Flanders, note full body restraint, they can snap dog collars when they are leaping into the air, also heres my running 1941 r35 bmw, quick bikes, didnt take much to bring back from the dead.the 41 r12 is waiting on the valve & cylinder work then i'll slam it all together & kick it back to life.
Update Gary Emory sold me a rebuilt 912 engine, so whenever he ships it , then i can get going on the '55 again...the '56 is waiting on a donor car or i will have to buy alot of steel from trevors hammer works....sometimes money just cant get shit done.........
Bad news some moron flared the front & rear fenders, poor job at that, but we can repair it.Ugly ass muscle car wheels,

1963 Alfa Romeo & 1955 Porsche

Previous owner carved up the rear which will have to be repaired,

Someones restored coupe, this is what it looked like when it left Stuttgart.

I'm just gathering the engine parts now to make it a rider , its got a roll bar, i think i'll keep that & the racing seat belts, i only need a correct oil temp gage & dash knobs etc,steering wheel & wheels, coupe is in pretty good condition even w the screwed up fenders. get it running , brakes, shocks, wheels, fender repairs, paint , interior, ..The 1956 cabriolet is going to be awhile, i may have to sue the crooks who ripped me off. not fun.......

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