Friday, May 05, 2006

German Uboat u53 at Newport Rhode Island oct 1915

i collect Uboat postcards ww1 & ww2, heres a unusual foto i bought, if i'm reading the records correctly from , u53 surrendered after sinking 90 ships, in dec 1918 , scrapped out in Swansea, there were 6 of this Mittel-U class made in Kiel by Germaniawerft, this was A Friedrich Krupp ship building facility, click on the foto, its amazing, right off the east coast, who took the foto?another uboat? perhaps ,came from a east coast estate, could it have been sent by a uboat crew member to his American relative on the east coast? who knows. I have quite a few postcards i'll post, mostly ww1. These sailors were some tough bastards, their boats were very primitive .no pleasure cruise here....

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